A man lives for himself. He thinks and acts to make his own self secure, comfortable and happy. His natural instinct of self-preservation makes him behavior this way. But he becomes truly human only when he tries to make others secure, comfortable and happy. To go beyond one’s own self and serve others is social service. Such statements as “To serve humanity is to serve God” and “Service before Self”, bring out the importance of social service.

The true development of human beings involves much more than mere economic growth. At its heart there must be a sense of empowerment and inner fulfillment. This alone will ensure that human and cultural values remain paramount in a world where political leadership is often synonymous with tyranny and the rule of narrow elite. Student’s participation in social transformation is the central issue of our time. This can only be achieved through the establishment of societies, which place human worth above power, and liberation above control. In this paradigm, it becomes imperative for the educational institutes to prepare students in such a way that they become the genuine empowerment of the country.

In this regard, Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Sirsa plays a crucial role in the over-all development of the personality of the students. Here, The main aim of education is to form integrated human beings possessing capabilities, attitudes, values and skills which permit a student to lead a full and meaningful life, actively contribution to the common good, yet maintaining one’s own identity & dignity.
In this materialistic world and the foreseeable future, there are rapid changes in the fields of science and humanities, communications and technology and the globalization have all generated new hopes and possibilities, fears and conflicts. This institution helps in the continuous development of the learner’s potential, the strengthening of their skills and the fostering of positive interests and values. This is the esteemed institute in which distinguished personalities are developed under the light of spirituality, and where along with the formal education importance of truth, honesty, self consciousness, Innovation are taught from which the modern world is devoid of. The aspiring disciples attain the finest virtues of love, respect and service for humanity. They are shaped and groomed to be the exemplary persons with the urge for service above self.

Life lived with reasonable restraint is the basis for happiness. Restraint makes a man patient, well behaved and tolerant. It also develops the personality. So our Vedas and Religious scriptures teach us that even for living best life, one must live a restrained life. Then a person becomes the picture of equipoise, morally strong and detached. While performing the worldly duties, he never binds in worldly restrictions, thus by being involved in family; a man who lives with restraint can attain asceticism. This is the greatness of restrained life. So, the institute insists on a balanced life lived with moderation through meditation. The students learn here that by fighting evil thoughts and developing positive energy with meditation, one must give direction to one’s life. Even after becoming an achiever in life, one should lead an ideal life which is balanced and restrained. It is the greatest virtue of a man if he remains balanced and restrained irrespective of circumstances.

Our institute facilitates free education to poor and socially-backward children. Starting from awareness campaigns to providing free transportation, uniforms, books and accessories, our school provides free, value based education in a stress-free student friendly environment that enables the students to discover their inner talents and to blossom them to the fullest potential, and broadens the vision and deepens the roots by enabling them to appreciate the cultural heritage of their own country and yet have a global vision.
Students here hold rallies to create awareness against violence against girl children, homosexuality, drug abuse etc. The students walk in the lanes of the village and make people aware about evils and the after effects. The villagers appreciate the initiative and also take active part in the informative session.
Food is one of the most important needs to survive. Millions of people don’t get enough food, and many have surplus that they waste, so encouraging people to donate food items to the needy. 24×7 food service is available for the needy at the institute’s food bank. The students here distribute food articles including wheat flour, rice, sugar, pulses etc. to the poor families on special occasions.
The students understand very well that serving the poor means helping them.  It is important to help those in need because it is the right thing to do.  There are many ways to help the poor. They need shelter, food, clothing and love. So the students donate clothes to the needy who can’t afford to buy clothes by themselves. The students have developed Book-Bank and Toys-Bank so that the destitute children can also be provided with education and toys.